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Rework and Test Equipment


cyberTECHNOLOGIES - Leading supplier of high-resolution, non-contact 3D Measurement Systems for industrial & electronics applications. The heart of the system is a high resolution optical sensor either laser-based or with a white light source.


Vantage Series


Midas Technology, Inc. - The leader in Fiber Optic/Hybrid/MCM Rework Equipment. Machine models include the Midas D5 de-lidder for lid removal, as well as the HGRS-V Hot Gas Rework System for the removal of die and substrates attached by any methods.


de-lidder and Hot Gas Reworks Systems

NorCom Systems, Inc. - The NEW industry standard for leak testing utilizing the revolutionary NorCom 2020 Series Optical Leak Tester. Test for both gross and fine leaks simultaneously in a 2-4 minute cycle without the need for helium bombing.



Nordson Dage - Benchmark for Bond Strength Testers. The Dage 4000 Series Bondtesters lead the industry in accuracy for 1) wire pull, 2) die shear, 3) ball/bump shear, 4) cold bump pull, & 5) tweezer pull. Dage also offers Automated Bondtesting with its 4600 and 4800 Series Bondtesters.

Dage helps Find Every Failure™ with its new Prospector Micro Materials Tester. With five new test perspectives, it is designed for the most advanced failure analysis investigations.

Dage is now part of the newly formed Nordson Test & Inspection (TI) Division. In addition to Dage Bondtesters and Micro Materials Testers, Nordson TI also includes Dage Inspection Systems, X-ray Inspection & X-ray Counting. *Chalman Technologies only represents Dage Bondtesters and Micro Materials Testers*

Micro Materials Testers

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