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Assembly Materials


Electro-Glass Products - Supplier of precision drawn glass products for glass to metal seals and Powder Pressed Glass & Ceramic Parts. Specializing in small precision parts.




Millice - Workpiece temporary adhesive materials - conductive and high temperature. WaferGrip™ and TrueGrip™ are advanced composite film adhesives engineered to bond wafers, thin film heads, optics, and other substrates during dicing, grinding, lapping, and polishing. StripAid™ X Solvent is a biodegradable hydrocarbon plasticizer used for debonding WaferGrip™ temporary adhesive, leaving no debris or residue behind.


ImageTransforms- Dicing surfactant is a critical material for anyone sawing and dicing semiconductor materials. KerfAid™ surfactant removes waste material, reduces surface tension, lubricates saw blades, inhibits corrosion, and dissipates ESD during the dicing process. Designed for sawing and dicing of alumina, PTZ, silicon, silicon carbide, and other electronic materials including copper and nickel. KerfAid has four main functions: surfactant, lubricant, corrosion inhibitor, and ESD preventative. All these factors contribute to an enhanced saw dicing process with improved yields. 



Microscreen - Experienced, quick turn supplier of precision Thick Film Screens & Laser Cut Stencils. MicroScreen has been a leading supplier of screens and stencils to the microelectronics industry since 1981.




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