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Process Equipment
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Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT) specializes in the development and manufacturing of systems, blades and processes used in the dicing of silicon-based ICs, Package Singulation and hard material Microelectronic Components (MEC).  ADT offers dicing equipment with a variety of capabilities, configurations and levels of automation, as well as peripheral instrumentation and accessories, to suit an ever-growing range of customer requirements. 

Besi offers a wide range of advanced packaging equipment based on leading-edge technology. The complete offering includes; multi-chip bonders for advanced packaging, epoxy and soft solder bonders, high precision flip chip bonders, stacked die bonders, trim & form,  package mold, singulation and plating systems.


F&S Bondtec Austria serves the desktop equipment segment and supplies the most complete program worldwide for bonding and testing equipment. Only F&S Bondtec Austria can offer you a secure investment into the future: our Desktop-Micro-Factory which provides all wire bond processes and, in addition, all test methods in a single desktop machine base.

Fully Automatic and Manual

Wire Bonders

Gold Ball Bonding, Thin and Thick

Wire and Heavy Ribbon Bonding

IPG Photonics - Leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers & automated fiber laser systems. IPG Photonics' diverse lines of low, medium and high-power lasers and amplifiers are used in materials processing, communications, entertainment, medical, biotechnology, scientific and advanced applications



MicroAssembly Technologies (MAT) - Specializes in manufacturing Die Attach machines and providing turn-key solutions for most advanced die attach applications.


Table Top Die Attach System


Nordson March - Providing a long tradition of innovation that has made Nordson the leading manufacturer of Gas Plasma Equipment for advanced packaging applications. Improve all of your assembly processes including wire bonding, die bonding, & encapsulation.


Plasma Treatment Systems

AP Batch Series

TRAK Automated Series

  • FlexTRAK Plasma System

  • FlexTRAK-S Plasma System

  • FlexTRAK-SHS Plasma System

  • FlexTRAK-2MB Plasma System

  • FlexTRAK-CD Plasma System

  • FlexTRAK-CDS Plasma System

SPHERE Wafer Series

  • MesoSPHERE Plasma System

  • StratoSPHERE Plasma System


Centrotherm- World Leading Supplier for vacuum and pressure furnaces for vacuum soldering, brazing and sealing for microelectronics packages and components. The VLO system platform covers a wide range of applications fromm R&D processing to high-volume production.

Vacuum Sealing & Solder Reflow Systems

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