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Laser Welding Online Seminar

Wednesday, October 18th, 2023 & Thursday, October 19th, 2023

To register for the seminar, please email

The class is designed to give attendees a broad understanding of laser technology and laser welding processes used for medical device, automotive, aerospace, batteries and industrial applications.

Who should attend: Manufacturing Managers and Engineers, Production Engineers, Design Engineers, R & D Engineers, Quality Assurance and Project Managers


Note: Class is not designed to learn how to install, operate, and maintain the laser equipment.


Why attend: Lasers are increasingly finding applications for industrial materials processing including welding and materials processing. Over the last two decades, a wide variety of laser technologies have matured and commercialized providing the engineer with a bewildering array of choices. This two-day course is designed for engineers to get a broad understanding of laser technology and includes classroom instruction combined with Laser Welding lab demonstrations.

Where:  Online

Course Contents 

  1. Introduction to Laser Fundamentals

  2. Types of Lasers

  3. Beam Characteristics and Propagation

  4. Conduction Mode, CW Welding, TTIR (Plastic and Glass Welding)

  5. Weld Geometry and Shielding Gas

  6. Laser-Material Interaction and Laser Safety

  7. Mechanical Metallurgy

  8. Physical Metallurgy: SS, Al alloys, Ti alloys, and Platings

  9. Weld Quality and Testing

  10. Laser Process Development

  11. Laser Weld Monitoring

  12. Laser Safety

  13. Laser Systems


To Register:

Complete Registration form and email to



Class size is limited so please note, sign ups are on a first come, first serve basis.


Girish Kelkar, PhD, Course Instructor


Dr. Kelkar has been involved with metal welding and ceramic joining since 1990 starting with a Ph.D. in ceramic brazing from Penn State University where he investigated brazing of alumina using active metal brazing alloys. After graduation, he joined EWI (Edison Welding Institute, Columbus, OH) as a Sr. Research Engineer and acted as a welding consultant specializing in the field of microjoining including laser welding, resistance welding, ultrasonic welding, soldering, and brazing. Following the stint at EWI, he worked as the CTO at Miyachi-Unitek and provided technical guidance and leadership for product development. Dr. Kelkar currently holds two laser welding Patents for a Laser Weld Monitor and a Green Welding Laser. In 2002 he founded WJM Technologies, a welding consulting firm, to provide welding-related assistance to customers and works with all types of manufacturing firms including medical, electronics, automotive, aerospace, and industrial.


WJM Technologies

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“The laser welding seminar conducted in partnership with Chalman Technologies and presented by Girish P. Kelkar, Ph.D. was a fantastic training session.  The seminar was down-to-earth and provided practical user-friendly knowledge.  The lab demonstrations were useful in connecting the classroom education with real welded samples.  I have been involved with laser welding for over 6 years and have taken other training provided by a major university, but this one was far superior and a great value.” – Dennis R.

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