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Welcome To Chalman Technologies


Chalman Technologies, Inc. (CTI) is an engineering oriented manufacturers' representative organization experienced in semiconductor, fiber optic and other microelectronics technologies. We specialize in materials and equipment for these industries, including assembly, rework, & test equipment as well as materials for electronic assembly. In addition, we also provide HEPA filters, laminar flow workbenches and other equipment to meet your cleanroom requirements.  More About Us

Process Equipment


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Rework and Test Equipment


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Assembly Materials


Featured System

Precision Laser Welding with

IPG SYS 750 Workstation

The IPG SYS 750 workstation is a compact and cost-effective welding solution for the aerospace and medical device manufacturing industries.

ILT Versa

High-precision, High-accuracy Stent Cutting

  • Fully automated cutting of small tubes and stents from 0.25 to 25 mm (0.10 to 1.0 in) diameter

  • Choice of laser types including CW, pulsed IR, Green, UV and Ultrafast

  • Precision motion system provides tight dimensional control and high part yield

  • Wet cut option with integrated fluid management and programmable controls

  • On-axis camera viewing of the cutting process

  • CAD/CAM software support for ease of programming

  • HMI-2200 software with historical data logging for simplified regulatory compliance

Versa-stent-cutting-system-rev2-x1 (1).j

High-Precison Tube and Stent Cutting Laser System

  • Fine tube cutting with CW fiber laser, nanosecond fiber laser, and ultrafast lasers

  • Medical Stents

  • Surgical Tools

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