Rework and Test Equipment


Cyber Technologies - Leading supplier of high-resolution, non-contact 3D Measurement Systems for industrial & electronics applications. The heart of the system is a high resolution optical sensor either laser-based or with a white light source.


Vantage Series

Midas Technology, Inc. - The leader in Fiber Optic/Hybrid/MCM Rework Equipment. Machine models include the DL-4 de-lidder for lid removal, as well as the HGRS-V Hot Gas Rework System for the removal of die and substrates attached by any methods.


de-lidder and Hot Gas Reworks Systems

NorCom Systems, Inc. - The NEW industry standard for leak testing utilizing the revolutionary NorCom 2020 Series Optical Leak Tester. Test for both gross and fine leaks simultaneously in a 2-4 minute cycle without the need for helium bombing.



Nordson Dage - Benchmark for Bond Strength Testers. The new Dage model 4000 leads the industry in accuracy for 1) wire pull, 2) die shear, 3) ball / bump shear, 4) cold bump pull, & 5) tweezer pull. Dage is now expanding into X-ray Inspection Equipment & Scanning Acoustic Microscopes.



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